Dear Prayer Warriors. Since this prayer was published on June 27, 2015, God has answered the thousands of prayer requests from all over the World to expose the works of Satan.  I am not taking any credit for this prayer at all.  All glory and praise goes to Jesus Christ, who I believe has exposed Harvey Weinstein, Pizzagate, Adam Venit, Russell Simmons, John Grissom along with hundreds of others including political figures.  Keep Praying Saints!  God hears our prayers.  

For printing: PDF – One warfare prayer

Prepare your heart

Dear heavenly Father, I confess my sins, pride, rebellion and self-centredness and come to you as a little lamb.  Please help me kill off my old self and praise you constantly, in the name of Jesus.  Wash me clean by the blood of Jesus.  Thank-you for your forgiveness.


Bind the demons

Father in heaven, I bind the principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, spiritual wickedness and all the strong demons over the world, this nation, my Church, my family and me.


Inflict warfare on satan [see 1 Tim 1:20 and Luke 10:19]

Jesus has given us authority over all the powers of the enemy and I exercise my authority to inflict civil warfare upon satan’s kingdom.  I command demons to attack one another without ceasing from now till Jesus returns.  I loose burning judgement and destruction upon the principalities and the antichrist spirit.

By the authority given to me by Jesus and at the will of the Father in heaven, I bind all the wicked spirits in the leaders, representatives and celebrities of the new world order, illuminati, satanism, false religions, occult organisations, satan’s entertainment machine and satan’s kingdom, especially [insert name of world leader/religious leader/entertainer you are praying for].  I hand them over to satan that their eternal souls may be saved.  I pray their unholy works be fully exposed.

In the name of Jesus, I also hand all those who preach false doctrines over to satan that their souls might be saved in Jesus’ name.

I close all ungodly portals and destroy all demonic ley lines so that they become disabled in the name of Jesus.  I bind all demons that interfere with God’s communication lines and that this prayer goes viral.

In the name of Jesus, I loose legions upon legions of God’s angels to warfare against and destroy witchcraft, false religions, false prophets, false teachers, deceiving spirits, evil soul ties, curses, occult powers and the antichrist spirit.


Loose angels to minister to believers and release breakthrough

I loose legions upon legions of God’s angels to minister to the needs of believers and to release breakthrough into the lives of people.  I bind the spirit of poverty so that the blessings of God reaches his people.  I loose the angels of God to take back whatever satan has stolen from people to restore them financially and also in body, soul and spirit.  Father, please provide us our daily bread.


Loose God’s seven spirits to the world

In the name of Jesus, I loose the spirit of power, the spirit of love and the spirit of sound mind against the spirit of fear.  Father, help us to love you with all our heart, mind and strength.

In the name of Jesus, I loose the spirit of understanding and wisdom, the spirit of counsel and might and the spirit of knowledge and the fear of God upon myself, my family, my community, my nation and the world.  Put in us the fear of God that we may grow in wisdom.  Fill us up with your understanding and wisdom.  I pray that you teach your churches how to bind and loose spirits and how to cast out devils and heal people.

In the name of Jesus, I loose the spirit of adoption so that more people may call you Abba Father!


Ask God for his Holy Spirit and his will be done

Father, please send your Holy Spirit to my family, my Church, my country and the world to convict sins and soften hearts so people can see truth.

Father, please pour out your Holy Spirit that we may hear prophecies and see dreams and visions from you.

Above all, I pray your will Father be done on earth as it is done in heaven.  In Jesus’ name I pray.  Amen.


If you’re wanting to cast out spirits, break curses and pray for protection over yourself or someone you know, please use this prayer.


PDF – One warfare prayer



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Juan Mendez
Juan Mendez

I am dire need of prayer for protection from Jesus who has basically destroyed me and my whole family and loved ones please pray to the Holy Spirit for revelation
And pray for us please


Would God view it as a sin if I ordered a potion intended to remove all curses and negative energy resulting from a curse someone placed on me? I don’t hate them and I pray for them often–good prayers not harmful). I’ve tried praying, fasting, and using hyssop and rue. I suspect a family member binded my fiances and career and created friction between me and loved ones. I literally lost everything, job, home, car, career, finances, credit, etc. I also suspect she was dropping something in the toilet, which caused a STRONG fishy odor but only in the workplace… Read more »


Hi Pastor, thank you for this prayer. It helped me a lot, especially in the early part of my prayer life.


Hi. Thank you for your videos and lessons. Sometimes the ‘One warfare prayer’ is the only prayer I can pray in the day. Ive been going through intense spiritual warfare, Ive been told I have 4 familiar spirits that have claimed ownership of my family and I and they make our lives a living hell, they come with many other demons that help them and cooperate with witches that attack us. We also have water spirits/spiritual spouses that wont leave us alone no matter how much Ive prayed against them and rebuked them. Worst of all I live in a… Read more »


Ok so a church I was involved in before had links to bethel church redding, I got baptised in it and my life turned upside down literally. I relapsed on my alcohol a drug binges and things collapsed around my life.


There has to be something wrong with the warfare prayer: ” I hand them over to satan that their eternal souls may be saved. I pray their unholy works be fully exposed.

In the name of Jesus, I also hand all those who preach false doctrines over to satan that their souls might be saved in Jesus’ name.”



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