The following conversation is between a pastor and a fallen angel called Anaina.  It’s tremendously sad because of what the fallen angel lost and can never get back.

Thankfully, it’s not too late for us.  We can still ask God for forgiveness, decide to turn away from sin and ask God to help us overcome all bondages, addictions and sin in our lives.

We do not reach God by trying harder, we reach God by giving up our fleshly pursuits.  And we give up our fleshly pursuits by pursuing God: Galatians 5:16.  And if we have decided to love God then we should keep his commands.  Jesus will pray to the Father to send the Holy Spirit to help you and abide in you forever: John 14:15-16.

You will then receive peace beyond all understanding on this earth and eternal life with God in the next life.  Make Jesus the actual God of your life by putting him first in your life, and not only by confessing the words that Jesus is Lord.

You can destroy strong holds in your life, here is how:

By the way, you can cast out demons too. This is how:





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anthony wragg
i was a holy spirit filled christian but i sinned i watched pornography after discovering it on another christian’s laptop it got me at the wrong moment. I normally take cold showers and go on jogs to avoid sexual stuff. I told my Pasteur he had it recorded on tape. I repented of my sin i fasted for 3 days a few months past. Afterwards people in the church shunned me ignored me i was alone. I left the church I went to a new church that was so much better. The Pasteur of the old church was full of… Read more »
Jo Ann

Wow, that is a powerful video.

Hunter gutierrez

I believe it

rain blue

i dont belive! its fake!