All the Bibles in the world today are based on the below two Bibles:

  1. The first comes from what is called the Received Text or Textus Receptus, which the early Christians used.  There were at least 5,000 manuscripts available and they all agreed with one another up to 99.5% accuracy with the main differences being the spelling of people’s names. The King James Bible is based on this Bible.
  2. The second was created by Westcott and Hort in 1881, based on three ancient manuscripts, each containing inconsistencies with one another.  These manuscripts were the Vaticanus, Sinaiticus and Alexandrian texts.  These two scholars relied mainly on the first two texts and discarded whatever they didn’t see as consistent in all three to try and make it all fit with the Received text.  In essence, they changed the contents of the Received text.  Why? Firstly, they were working off three flawed texts and secondly, copyrighting laws: they had to have enough changes to copyright their new Bible so they could charge money for it.  They then claimed this new Bible was better than the first Bible because it was based on older manuscripts, notwithstanding the errors in those particular manuscripts.

The following Bibles are supposed to be based on the Received Text.  I prefer the KJV, the NKJV and the YLT.  I found the KJV is best for general reading, especially with narration switched on when reading on mobile devices.  The NKJV is the easiest to read but some accuracy is lost.  I would say the YLT is probably the most accurate version of the Bible I have come across.

English translations of the Textus Receptus

  • Tyndale New Testament 1526-1530
  • Miles Coverdale’s Bible 1535
  • Matthew’s Bible 1537
  • The Great Bible 1539
  • Geneva Bible 1557-1560
  • The Bishops’ Bible 1568
  • King James Version 1611, 1679
  • Webster Bible 1833
  • Youngs Literal Version 1862
  • Darby Bible 1884,1890
  • New King James Version 1982
  • The 21st Century King James Version 1994
  • Literal Translation of the Bible 1995
  • Third Millennium Bible 1998
  • Modern King James Version 1999
  • Analytical Literal Translation 1999
  • Updated King James Version 2000
  • King James Version Easy Reader 2010
  • Modern English Version 2014


These Bibles are based on the works of Westcott and Hort:

  • New International Version
  • Good News Bible
  • American Standard Version
  • New American Standard Version
  • Living Bible
  • New Living Translation
  • The Amplified Bible
  • Holman Standard
  • English Revised Version
  • Revised Standard Version
  • New Revised Standard Version
  • The Message
  • English Standard Version
  • Today’s New International Version




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