Use this prayer to crush demons like in the videos below:

Succubus spirit:

Spirit in twelve year old:

She came back to give thanks:

Baptist Christian sister got attacked by demons:

Rebuke that drug addiction:

Rebuke smokes and lust:

Rebuke witchcraft and sadness:

Rebuke lucifer:

Get out spirit of death:

More deliverance videos here.

Chris Lasala deliverance videos:


Over 50 videos here:

The living God loves you, is powerful and wants to set you free from sin and the influence of demons.  This is the fastest way I know for you to be saved.  If you suspect that you have demons, use the name of Jesus to cast them out: here is how.






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i have been fighting possession about a week now, but dealing with it my whole life, as a child i was abducted in men in white robes i originally contributed to aliens, not that i was far off,, but recently my FREE MASON great uncle died.. and like a week ago i was listening to led zeppelin on a balcony smoking a bowl of marijuana as i was only bout 2 days clean from a 10year addiction to opium.. mainly heroin of course but anything to keep my “Sick” away.. and as i stepped inside to go grab a cigarette… Read more »

[…] of this prayer working: Deliverance Videos (If the prayer doesn’t work for you, there is probably something in your life that gives […]

Ruby Belinda

Hi, In rebuking that drug addiction video. WHY did you repent after and not before starting the rebuking drug addiction video? shouldn’t we cleanse ourself first before laying of hands?


u can never repent to much, as we sin everyday.. it is lit impossible.. the test is to widthold from sin as much as possible, and repent or admit to god with no pride, and admit ur shame to god by admitting urself, as the negaivity will consume u as it almost has me..