Power of prayerIf you are under spiritual attack. i.e. Voices in your head, depression, seeing demons/spirits/angels experiencing jerking in your body or face, panic attacks or can’t sleep because of spiritual torment.  Submit a prayer request:

All prayers are totally free of charge.  We do not ask for seed money or donations of any kind.

Prayer sessions

Deliverance ministers are on hand to pray with you at 7:00/8:00 AM Perth time Tuesday to Saturday, which should be around 11:00PM/12:00AM in London and 7:00PM in New York (depending on daylight savings), everyday.  Use the calendar below (set to Perth time zone), click on a timeslot to copy the event to your calendar.  The timezone should automatically adjust in your calendar.

You can also use this timezone converter to check (insert Perth time into converter).

Meeting room details: Click on this link and install the software (compatible with iPads, iPhones, Android phones and tablet and Windows laptop): https://zoom.us/j/3456789777, meeting id: 3456789777.  Please sit down somewhere and put your phone, tablet or laptop in front of you. Make sure there is a light in front of you, and not behind you.


Daily Bible study

Our fellowship meetings starting 7:00 AM Perth time Tuesday to Saturday, which should be around 12:00 AM in London and 6:00/7:00  PM in New York (depending on daylight savings), Monday to Friday.


Click on a calendar timeslot to copy the event to your calendar (time zone based on Perth Australia)

Audible voice in your mind, head or brain

If you have a voice that you can hear speak to you, always and without exception, apply the test in 1 John 4:2-3 and make the spirit confess that Jesus Christ came in the flesh.  Even if the voice says that it is God the Father, the Son or that it is the Holy Spirit, you must apply the biblical test because God will never contradict the bible, which is authored by God.

If the voice says:

  • “Jesus Christ came in the spirit.”
  • “Yeshua came in the flesh.”
  • “I am the Father, you do not test God.”
  • “I am the Holy Trinity”

Or disappears or does not answer or provides any response other than “Jesus Christ came in the flesh” then you need deliverance.


Seeing spirits, demons or angels

If you are seeing a blue dot or geometric patterns when you close your eyes, sparkly lights, demons, angels, spirits, shadows or ghosts, you need deliverance.  You could be seeing these things in your dreams or whilst you’re awake.  You could also be experiencing sleep paralysis or getting visitations of a sexual or violent nature.


Involuntary body movements

If you are experiencing jerking, unnatural movement or groping in and on your body or face, you also need deliverance.