Below are excellent teaching videos. Not 100% perfect (nothing is and we are called to test all things) but on the whole highly accurate.

This video explains our authority in Christ, which helps us understand how God sees us:

More videos can be found here.



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[…] Find good teaching.  Read the Bible, especially the new testament.  Understand the New Covenant of Jesus Christ.  Listen to teaching from real men of God who have power to cast out demons.  Don’t listen to anyone who can’t cast out demons (see Mark 16:17).  There are many false teachers that will lead you astray.  Here are some good teachers that do cast out demons: Derek Prince, Chris Lasala, David Middleton. […]


[…] second major barrier, in my view, is apathy.  People can’t be bothered reading the Bible, listening to good teaching, researching evolution, asking questions about the new covenant, investigating the afterlife, […]