1. Pray to the Father in the name of Jesus to open your mind to scripture.

2. Do binding and rebuking when attacked. Guard your heart and mind. Proverbs 25:28King James Version: He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.

3. Warning: 7 stronger spirits will come back if you go back to sin.

4. Read Matthew to Revelation.  Then read the old testament.  Use the KJV, YLT or NKJV.

5. Get water baptised. Watch Derek Prince videos on water and Holy Spirit baptism.

6. The aim of christianity is not to be saved but to save others. Start praying for the depressed, sick and afflicted.

7. Pray over some ordinary olive oil, and anoint yourself by putting a dab on your head whenever you’re sick.

8. Discard occult objects, charms, occult books, horoscopes, crucifixes and pictures of Jesus from room/house.  Refer to the One Prayer for additional details of things to discard.

9. I learned more in three months from anointed men of God than 20 years of going to church and doing bible studies: here are some videos.

10. Keep a clear conscience at all times. You must always be able to have answers for Jesus on the day of judgment. If you don’t, then repent immediately.

11. Pray this prayer: Dear Lord, please take [Your name] out of me and replace me with Jesus Christ.  May your Holy Spirit control, guide and inspire me today and everyday for the rest of my life.  I love you Lord with all my heart, mind and strength and if I don’t know how, please show me.  In Jesus name. Amen