Richard Dawkins says there can be an intelligent designer but that person cannot be God. LOL:


Contradictory things evolutionists say:


One of these guys actually says that humans are fish. LOL:


sci•ence (sīˈəns)

  • n.
    an observation that has been confirmed repeatedly and is accepted as true (although its truth is never final)


Under this definition of science, the theory of evolution fails the definition of science.  There are zero recorded instances of one animal turning into another kind of animal.  No bird has become anything other than a bird.  To believe that one kind of animal can become another kind of animal, you would have to exercise faith.

This idea that millions of years have turned dinosaurs into other creatures is not only false, it has been completely disproven by the discovery of soft dinosaur tissue.  In fact, you can see a video of soft tissue from the horn of a triceratops being dissected here.



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Storm Bear

Nowhere in the Dawkins video does he contradict anything, he is simply
implying the intelligent designer of life on Earth could of, theoretically came from more intelligent life such as aliens but they then would of course had to of evolved.

Cherry picking parts of a lecture video for your own means without the full context isn’t cool 🙁