Many of us guys born in the 70’s and 80’s remember Shawn Michaels aka “The Heartbreak Kid”.  This is his story of how his addictions were cured in 1 step.

His wife’s prayer was, “Dear Lord, please get him straight.”

If you’re struggling with addictions, you’re not alone.  If God can rescue Shawn Michaels, God can also rescue you.  The fastest way is by surrendering to Christ and then using the name of Jesus to get free.  Do this if you are truly really sick of the direction your life is heading towards.

If you’re still happy with your life then you probably feel that you don’t need God.  Most likely you are content with your life as it is.  However, some of us do feel something is missing.  For those that feel this emptiness inside: Jesus is there for us when we are truly desperate, broken and cry out to him for help.



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