The 9/11 attack makes no sense.  That’s not me saying it: It’s 2,200 professional architects and engineers who agree that it is physically impossible for fire to have caused the collapse of the World Trade Centre Building 7.  Listen to their explanations and consider their evidence:

I have no doubt that the WTC Building 7 should never have come down due to fires alone.  It’s a physical impossibility.  Watch this experienced fireman testify:

This fireman with 32 years experience states that there has never been a fire in the history of mankind that has been able to take down a building like WTC Building 7.  Further, the fires in WTC Building 7 were already being put out by his colleagues.

What happened next was a controlled explosion of the building resulting in large casualties to the firemen.  The steel beams in the building turned into molten steel.  And the only substance able to do that is nanothermite.

These facts can be difficult to comprehend but we must keep an open mind.  Qualified experts are telling us that there is no way that WTC Building 7 should have come down due to normal fires.

If these experts are right, that means 9/11 was an attack from inside the US Government, which explains why there was no investigation into the presence of nanothermite on the site.  And if that is true then we are beginning to understand who is really running the US.  It’s a government within the government: A cabal of elites.

Yes, this might sound worrying and I suggest you avoid mainstream media, analyse news stories very carefully but especially turn to God.  Why turn to God?  Because only God can save you and this world.  This is the fastest and only way I know for you to be saved.



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[…] you haven’t watched the video on how the 9/11 attack makes no sense, you can watch it here.  2,200 architects and engineers have signed a petition stating that is physically impossible for […]