Dr Sam Parnia, head researcher of a University of Southampton study called the “Aware Study”, say they have found thousands if not millions of cases where the mind exists without brain function.  The Aware Study is the world’s largest study into awareness after death.

Partial transcript of Dr Sam Parnia:

When you have at the beginning when blood flow to the brain gets beyond a certain threshold then the brain does not function.

Now when someone’s heart stops; immediately… immediately when there’s no pumping of the heart, there is no blood… zero blood, getting into the brain, and immediately a patient will develop fixed and dilated pupils.  They lose all their brain stem reflexes, which is why we can put a tube into their airway and they don’t gag.  And their brain stops functioning completely within seconds.

Now, when we do resuscitation with the best efforts that we may, we can only get a little bit of blood… 5 percent of the blood, that the person has ordinarily into the brain and that’s why throughout the entire period of resuscitation, the brain remains flat lined and the pupils remained fixed and dilated.  The brain stem does not function.

The only cases where there may be an exception is if we have transiently restarted the heart and we lose it again.  But when the heart doesn’t beat… that’s the case. 

Now interestingly, to go to your question of consciousness, what we have is that we have many thousands if not millions of people now who are reporting these incredible experiences from all over the world, many of whom have described: our doctors, our nurses, conversations of what was going on, but you cannot have a functioning cortex in this time. It’s not possible.  So we’re left with a paradox.


Dr Parnia is stating this: Known observations are telling us the mind continues to function even when the brain ceases to function.  Therefore, you are not your brain.

The question is this: What are you going to do when you die?  Your mind will go on and on and on…  Do you have a relationship with God? Perhaps you don’t think you need one but I guarantee that you do: And here is why.

Also watch Dr Lloyd Rudy, an ex-veteran and pioneering heart surgeon, describe what happened to one of his patients.




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