Yes, you are being manipulated by mainstream media.  And yes, there is a conspiracy to hide the truth from you.  If you believe this, you are not crazy.

The crazies are the people who don’t believe they are manipulated because clearly the government and the elites behind them are manipulating people.

Yes, people are easily manipulated because they believe in mainstream media and the institutions that produce junk tv.  I would highly recommend watching Oliver Stone’s, Untold History of the United States (available on iTunes): IMDB rating of 8.8.  And also Citizenfour, the story of Edward Snowden and government monitoring of all electronic communications (iTunes link): IMDB rating of 8.2.

Did you know the CIA gave names and sanctioned the killing of between 500,000 to a million Indonesians to get rid of Sukarno and replace him with Suharto, under the guise of fighting communism?  That’s the largest peacetime killing of humans ever.  Don’t believe it?  Yes, that’s exactly what happened.  The world is not as it appears.

To the Editor:

“ ‘Act of Killing’ Film Fails to Stir Indonesia” (news article, March 2) describes how Indonesia’s media has largely ignored Joshua Oppenheimer’s powerful, Oscar-nominated documentary about General Suharto’s murder of between a half million and a million alleged Communists in 1965 and 1966. It doesn’t even mention the United States’ contribution to what The Times described as “one of the most savage mass slaughters of modern political history.”

As we report in our “Untold History of the United States” documentary film series and book, the Central Intelligence Agency had targeted Sukarno, Suharto’s predecessor, for years, and in 1965 provided a “kill list” containing thousands of names. The State Department’s Indonesia expert stated, “No one cared, as long as they were Communists, that they were butchered.” Suharto’s dictatorship lasted 32 years.

Conditions have improved since his ouster, but the horrors of his rule and American complicity in his crimes must never be forgotten.

Los Angeles, March 3, 2014

Mr. Stone is the film director, and Mr. Kuznick is a professor of history at American University.

Reference link.

Why is this important?  Because we should learn to decipher the truth, understand the people trying to manipulate us and, stop watching mainstream media garbage.  We are being manipulated.  It’s the truth.



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